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Online Class

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we highly recommend parents and students stay on top of learning. We can, together, use this opportunity to explore, learn, and develop a new and exciting way to teach online art and design programs.


Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

This class will be a more in depth, advanced version of our usual figure drawing. We will be focusing on anatomy: breaking down muscle groups, learning how they can be drawn in space, and understanding how they fit together on the body in different poses. There will be both short and long poses for gesture and rendering. Students will be using traditional media like graphite and charcoal.

Sam, Mon 4-6PM



Advanced Character Design (Digital) - Advanced

The class will cover graphic character design, no soft rendering. The teacher will put together a template of the character body types, similar to street fighter/super smash bros/mortal kombat characters. Students will be using PhotoShop to create a full body pose, a head shot, and a splash page for each character, estimating 2 character designs per student. The theme of the whole class will be graffiti/street art/junk yard. The teacher will develop a house style acting as the "art director" and will guide students to stick to this style as a whole class.

Prerequisite: Digital Art (BEG./INT.) ONLINE or IN-PERSON

Truffles, Tues 4-6PM



Beginning/ Intermediate Digital Art

This class is about learning the tools and tricks to digital art. Some of the programs that can be covered
are Photoshop, Procreate and Medibang. Students are encouraged to have some previous experience in
traditional drawing and painting before trying Digital Art. We will be going over skills like digital
painting, typography, graphic design, and character design. 

Tucker, Tues 3-5PM OR 5-7PM


Book Illustration

Book Illustration

This class will explore different aspects of book illustration for narrative storytelling for novels. Students can explore illustrations for children books, young adults and for mature readers. This course is a traditional media only and students will learn foundations of design, narrative illustration, ideation sketching, color application, and book cover design. This is a non-digital class. Students will work traditionally in their sketchbooks, graphite pencils, and colored pencils. Watercolor and acrylic paint applications could be explored for final paintings.

Stephen, Wed 4-6PM



Intro to Entertainment Design (Drawing) - Advanced

This is an entry level class learning the Visual Development design process for live action feature film and television, animation, and game design. This class encompasses learning modules of character design, environment design, and prop design. All projects are based on narrative storytelling. Students will immerse themselves in pop-culture where Visual Development is being used by actively watching animated film or television, live-action feature film (action adventure, fantasy and science-fiction), play video games, and/or read comic books. Students will work traditionally in their sketchbooks, graphite or colored pencils. Technology needed: computer, scanner/printer, and Zoom.

All students will sign into Zoom using a computer (with camera) as cell phone use is not permitted.

Stephen, Fri 5-7PM


Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration (Photoshop) - Advance

Need to fill in

Truffles, Sat or Sun 4-6PM



Transportation Design

Mr. Tom specializes in transportation design and is a working professional working in the automotive industry. In this class, he will guide students to design dream cars from understanding the shape and function of vehicles and drafting ideas on paper and on computer. There will be demos, projects, and homework to help students gain better insight into transportation designs and how to create transportation renderings like a professional.

Tom, Sun 10-12PM




need to fill in

Shirin and Aiden, Sat 11-1PM OR 2-4PM



ashion Design

need to fill in

Nina, Sat (7/10-8/7) 2-4PM

character design
digital art
book illustration
entertainmen design
digital illustration
transportation design
Figure Drawinfg
fashion design
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