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MIQ, short for Multiple Intelligence Quotient, is an education system developed by renowned scholar Howard Gardner. At our school, we place a strong emphasis on fostering children's creativity and imagination (right brain) through a variety of art projects that encourage critical thinking. At the same time, we also teach traditional art skills and concepts (left brain) to provide a well-rounded education.


At our creative workshop, we aim to nurture young minds by honing their artistic talents and acquainting them with a diverse array of artistic mediums. Our goal is to spark their imagination, guiding them towards discovering their own unique artistic voice. Throughout their journey, they will acquire proficiency in various materials and techniques, cultivating a profound appreciation for the world of art.

We are confident that this solid artistic foundation will benefit them immensely in the long run. Not only will they possess the expertise to produce stunning works of art, but they will also foster a lifelong passion for the arts. Who knows, this could even pave the way for a fulfilling career in the realm of art!


  • Age-appropriate and engaging for children.

  • Fosters creativity and imagination.

  • Variety of art forms and medias, such as pencil, crayon, marker, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, clay.

  • Experienced and trained instructors.

  • Encourages self-expression and emotional development.

  • Builds important skills.

  • Boosts self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

  • Flexible and tailored to individual needs.

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MIQ 1 is our beginning level art class for students of ages 4.5-7.5 years old. It focuses on developing students' creativity and imagination, and the classes are designed with a variety of projects to help teach the children different art techniques while using different types of art materials. We want the students to take what is in their imagination and tell us the story through their art.

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MIQ 2 is our intermediate level art class for students of ages 7.5-10 years old. While our professionally-trained teachers continue to enhance the students' drawing skills, expand on concepts and introduce more challenging techniques, they will additionally be exposed to Art History. They will learn about famous artists, significant artistic movements and influential masterpieces. Students will also have the option to expand on the manga/anime style if desired.

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MIQ 3 is our advanced level art class for students of ages 10-12 years old. At this level, the students work together with the teacher to exercise more advanced observational skills and be exposed to conceptual ideas and projects. They will create various artwork in mixed media and further elaborate complex ideas such as color theory, negative vs. positive space, perspective and more.

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MIQ1 (AGE 4.5-7.5)

MIQ2 (AGE 7.5-10)

MIQ3 (AGE 10-12)