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Our Instructors & Staff

Shirin Rastin.jpg


Portfolio Consultant

Currently: Irvine Valley College Professor, California State University Fullerton Professor


Education: Washington University St. Louis MO [M.F.A Fine Arts] California State University Fullerton [B.F.A Drawing & Painting]


Brian Kinnaman 1.jpg

BRIAN Kinnaman

Painting Instructor

Currently: Teacher

Education: California State University Long Beach [B.F.A Drawing & Painting, Credited teacher] Additional art education at RISD, LCAD, PASCA-France, and L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze-Italy

Ray 1.jpg


Architecture Design Instructor

Current Work: Teacher


Education: Shanghai Art and Design Academy [B.F.A] Shanghai Art and Design Academy [A.A Environmental Art Design]


Clients: Shanghai Disney Resort, Shanghai Qingpu River Reconstruction Project, Hefei Wanda Theme Park Project, Shanghai Hai ChangPolar Ocean World Project

Truffles n.PNG


Character Design, Illustrator

Current Work: Illustrator, Entertainment Concept Designer,Toy Designer/Engineer, Graphic Novelist, Sculptor & Screenwriter


Education: Art Center College of Design [B.F.A Illustration & Entertainment]

WechatIMG1321 copy.jpg


Center Director


Emma Cheung.JPG


Portfolio Consultant

Currently: Marketing Dirctor, Designer


Education: Columbia University [M.A. Art & Art Education] - Scholarship Recipient.

University of Southern California University [B.A. Drawing, Ceramics, Design] - Finalist Exhibition Artist

Sam J.jpg

Sam Juan

Portfolio Instructor

Currently: Teacher, Portfolio director

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 5.29.09 AM.png

Sandra Chang

Illustration Instructor

Current Work: Illustrator, Entertainment Concept Designer


Education: Art Center College of Design [B.F.A Illustration & Entertainment]

Tom Wang.jpg

Tom W.

Transportation Design, Industrial Design

Current Work: Jewelry Design & Product Design


Education: Art Center College of Design MA Coventry University BA

Our Contributors

Aiden Z.JPG


Photography, Game Design

Education: Savannah College of Art and Design [M.A Photography] University of China, School of Animation & Communication [B.A Game Design]

Nina Edwards.jpg

Nina Edwards

Fashion Illustration, Digital Art, Art Licensing

Current Work: Fashion illustrator

Clients: Pratt Institute, Columbia University, Various art colleges and institutions in Taiwan, Starbucks, Eva Air, Fendi

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